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May 2020 challenge graphic - Paws Your Commute

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever Paws Your Commute Challenge! Employees across the Alamo Area enjoyed the benefits of working from home including more time with family and furry friends, as well as a much shorter commute. (No traffic jams to groan at on the way to your laptop!)

More than 4,000 telecommutes were recorded during May – double our original goal – unlocking a donation of $1,000 to the San Antonio Food Bank.

We also helped the community by slowing the spread of COVID-19 and reducing air pollution. In one month, Alamo Commutes telecommuters averted 129,536 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

And congratulations to the winners of the Paws Your Commute Challenge! Winners were randomly selected from nearly 300 Alamo Commutes users that recorded their telecommutes.

Alamo Commutes May challenge winners image

Some winners shared their favorite part of working from home:

  • “I enjoy not having to wear shoes while telecommuting!”
  • “Not driving in traffic”
  • “I enjoy the extra time with family, but I really miss my bicycle commute!”
  • “Time usually spent commuting becomes extra sleep.”
  • “Being with my family. Sometimes we work together at the dining room table. When we are in separate rooms, we tend to meet up in the kitchen for food.”

Some winners are not planning to ever return to work full-time because working from home has been so great!

If you have any questions, email Lily Lowder at