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Rethink your commute.

Save money. Reduce stress. Clean the air.

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Bike to work, meetings, and anywhere else you can think of! Bicycle commuters benefit from improved health, reduced stress, and financial savings. With nearly 400 miles of on and off-street bicycle facilities in Bexar County, bicycling is both a safe and convenient form of transportation.

Ride the bus to work, meetings, while running errands, or to special events. VIA Metropolitan Transit serves Bexar County, covering 1,226 square miles serviced by 90 bus routes. VIA provides a variety of bus service to meet the needs of riders, including paratransit, vanpools, express service to downtown, and Primo service.

Be a smart car commuter. Instead of driving alone, share the ride in a carpool, vanpool, carshare, or rideshare. Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOVs) comprise 79% of San Antonio’s commuters - contributing to increased traffic congestion and poor air quality.

Balance professional and personal needs, and spend less time sitting in traffic, with flexible scheduling. Flexible scheduling arrangements include telecommuting, compressed work weeks, and flex time. Employers with flexible scheduling policies benefit from increased employee recruitment and retention, as well as improved productivity.

Walking is human-powered transportation! Put your feet to work by walking to work, lunch, and meetings. With approximately 20% of trips at a mile or less, walking is both convenient and efficient.

Alamo Commutes encourages commuters to make smart, multimodal transportation choices.

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