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blog title banner image:  Employer's Guide to Commuting During COVID-19
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by Lily Lowder
July 13, 2020

Is your business planning for a return to the work site? As businesses navigate the new reality of COVID-19, responsible and proactive employers are assessing how to keep their employees safe at work, as well as during their commute.

Active Transportation

In the past few months, communities across the nation have experienced a “bike boom”, with more residents biking and walking outdoors. Some employees may also be eager to begin biking or walking to work as well. Employers can prepare for an uptick in active commuters by:

  • Regularly disinfecting bike racks and bike storage,
  • Reminding employees to frequently disinfect their own bikes,
  • If you have bikes or scooters are available for rental, make sure that they are regularly disinfected,
  • Regularly disinfect locker rooms and showers, and
  • Regularly disinfect door handles, elevator buttons, stair handles and other frequently touched surfaces.

Carpool & Vanpool

Active Transportation Planner, Joey Pawlik, enjoying an afternoon bike ride with a face mask.
Figure 1: Limit carpools to 1-2 passengers to maintain social distancing.

Ridesharing can be a great way to reduce parking congestion, as well as improve employee job satisfaction. However, in order to improve safety and hygiene among passengers, employers should consider:

  • Asking employees to register their carpool with Human Resources for contact tracing,
  • Encouraging employees to check temperatures and symptoms before entering a carpool,
  • Encouraging employees to regularly disinfect their vehicles and open the windows, and
  • Encouraging employees to limit their carpool size to 2-3 total.

Public Transit

VIA Metropolitan Transit continues to provide employees across the region safe, hygienic transportation. However, employers can help their employees to avoid contamination by:

  • Providing information on service updates to employees,
  • If you have laid off or furloughed employees, inform them of VIA’s Workforce Assistance Pass,
  • Encourage employees to avoid touching high-contact surfaces and to wash their hands regularly, and
  • Allow employees to shift their work schedule so that they’re commuting during non-peak periods when the buses aren’t as crowded.

Please email Alamo Commutes at if you need additional information about how to plan for your employees’ return to work. You can also review the Alamo Commutes tips for commuters on how to use transportation safely.