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blog title banner image:  Alamo Commutes App and Website frequently asked questions; Part 2: Recording Trips
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by Lily Lowder
August 10, 2020

In the past year, Alamo Commutes users have recorded more than 119,715 trips by bicycle, carpool, transit, telework and more. As our thanks for taking and logging your smart transportation trips, Alamo Commutes users were also able to redeem nearly $10,000 in rewards and gift cards.

So, what are you waiting for? Start recording your trips now and earning rewards!

What are considered “eligible trips”?

Any non-recreational trips count. Some examples:

  • A bike ride to the coffee shop and back counts. A bike ride on the trails would not – unless you biked to the trails and back.
  • You can carpool to the grocery store with your spouse/partner. Dropping your kids off at school would not count. 
  • A walk around your neighborhood – from home and back – would not count.
  • A bus trip for almost any purpose would count.
  • A Lyft Line or Uber Pool would count. A rideshare with one passenger would not.

Basically, the smart or green trip needs to replace a trip that might normally be taken as a single occupancy vehicle trip in order to be eligible.

Does my trip have to be a commute?

Nope! If you carpool to meetings, walk to your friend’s house, bring your lunch to work, or use the Park & Ride to go to a Spurs game, these all still count.

screenshot of Alamo Commutes app's ride matching map

I telecommute every day (for the foreseeable future). Can I automatically record trips?

You can automatically record trips for any eligible mode. When you record a trip on the website or mobile app, under “Details”, you’ll be asked if you want to record this trip every week. Click yes to automatically record this trip and then select the days when this trip applies.

I already track my bike trips on Strava. Do I have to record them on Alamo Commutes too?

If you’re using the Alamo Commutes app (available for free via iOS or Android), you can sync your Strava account to the Alamo Commutes app. This will allow you to automatically sync your bike and walk/run trips logged on Strava into your Alamo Commutes account so that you can earn rewards.

  1. On the Alamo Commutes app, go to “Trips”.
  2. Under Sync, select which active tracker you use. Alamo Commutes can sync with Hytch, Strava, and/or Under Armour.
  3. You will then be prompted to sign into your account or create a new one. Agree to share your data with Alamo Commutes.

I skateboard/scooter/unicycle. Do these count?

As long as these trips are taken for transportation purposes, rather than recreation, they are eligible.

I use ViaTrans or other paratransit service. Can I record my trips?

Absolutely! You can log these trips under “Transit”.

What about a motorcycle?

Unfortunately, no. Alamo Commutes’ mission is to take motorized vehicles off the road to reduce traffic congestion as well as improve air quality.

I have an electric or hybrid vehicle. Does that count?

No. While electric and hybrid cars may be better for air quality, they do not reduce traffic congestion.

If you have any questions about Alamo Commutes, email or call (210) 230-6901.