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blog title banner image:  Alamo Commutes App and Website frequently asked questions; Part 1: Find a carpool match
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by Lily Lowder
September 7, 2020

Still got questions? This latest post will answer all of the “miscellaneous” questions that you may have about your Alamo Commutes account.

Need more information? Make sure that you’ve read Part 1: Find a Carpool Match and Part 2: Recording Trips to learn more.

I want to start a new commute, but I’m not sure where to start.

You can learn more about your different smart commuting options on the Alamo Commutes website. You can also call us or email us to talk through your commute options and next steps. We’re here to help!

Figure 1: VIA Trans and Alamo Regional Transit provide specialized transit service.
Figure 1: VIA Trans and Alamo Regional Transit provide specialized transit service.

I don’t have a car. There’s no transit in my area and my destination is too far to walk or bike to. What do I do?

When you’re creating your user profile, under “Carpool”, select “I need a ride”. This option will only match you with other users that have a vehicle and can drive. On the website, you’ll be able to search for rides for a commute, as well as one-time trips.

You may also be able to use special transit service. VIA Trans Paratransit Service provides curb-to-curb service for persons with qualifying disabilities. Alamo Regional Transit provides curb-to-curb public transit service for the 12-county rural region. Service is not limited to persons with disabilities.

What’s the difference between the website and the app?

The website and mobile app (available on iOS and Android) are functionally the same, however there are a few differences. You can use the mobile app to sync to your fitness tracking apps like Strava or UnderArmour. You can also automatically redeem your rewards and display them to the vendor for scanning.

This is all free? What’s the catch?

No catch. Alamo Commutes is a program of the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (AAMPO) and is funded by the Surface Transportation Block Grant. Alamo Commutes' mission is to reduce traffic and emissions by encouraging commuters to make smart, multimodal transportation choices. All of our services are completely free.

Does Alamo Commutes share my personal information?

Alamo Commutes will never sell your personal information. Alamo Commutes analyzes aggregated user information to calculate trip data, demographics, and other mission-related metrics. Alamo Commutes users that win monthly drawings or quarterly Challenges consent to sharing limited personal information on AAMPO social media accounts and e-publications.

Figure 2: Update your Alamo Commutes profile.
Figure 2: Update your Alamo Commutes profile.

I changed jobs. How do I update my profile?

You can make changes to your user profile at any time. In addition to updating your employer, you can also change your work schedule, email, vehicle access, and more. On the website, go to “Account” then “Profile”. On the app, go to “Me” then “Profile”.

I want to help people who don’t have rides. Can I volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to help your neighbors get to the store, visit a doctor, attend worship services, and more. To get started, simply set up volunteer ride profiles below indicating where, and when, you may be able to give someone a ride. Then, when a member searches for a ride, if your volunteer ride profile matches, they'll be able to contact you about a ride. There's no obligation to provide a ride, and you can decide which ride requests work for you.

Please note your volunteer ride profiles will only be used to match you with members seeking one-time rides and will not be used for commute trip matching. For now, the Volunteer option is only available on the website.

I have a suggestion to improve the Alamo Commutes app or website. Who can I send that to?

Email with any questions or suggestions!