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Alamo Commutes: 2020 Recap

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Ruby and her family enjoy remote learning and teleworking together. Source: Ruby Hernandez

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by Lily Lowder
December 3, 2020

During this long, long, year, commuters experienced the most tumultous changes in decades: open roads led to an increase in speed-related crashes; transit and carpool ridership dipped while biking boomed and telecommuting reached an all-time high; new transportation modes, like VIA Link and B-Cycle pedal-assist bikes, connected people in novel ways.

The Alamo Commutes program also experienced its own changes. Here's a recap of our biggest accomplishments in 2020.

Public Engagement


We introduced new digital communication methods to engage with Alamo Commutes users, as well as the general public.

  • The Alamo Commutes newsletter announces new rewards, commuter challenges, and platform updates to more than 13,000 members.
  • Introduced in April, our bi-monthly blog posts feature unique voices and commuting tips.
  • Our first survey, issued in August, inquired about members' COVID-19 commute habits and how they've changed.

The Alamo Commutes COVID-19 survey revealed interesting takeaways about members' commute patterns, including:

  • Most of the respondents said that post-pandemic, they would feel most comfortable driving alone or telecommuting (see chart). They would feel least comfortable using ride-hail (such as taxi, Uber, or Lyft) and carpool.
  • The top reasons for commuters' lack of comfort include concern about sharing spaces with strangers/crowds and about the ability to clean/sanitize.
  • Respondents would feel more comfortable using other forms of transportation if there was routine cleaning, a mask requirement, and bike/walk infrastructure.
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Alamo Commutes members feel most comfortable telecommuting and driving alone. Source: Alamo Commutes

Commute Consultations

Image of AAMPO staff assisting citizens
Allie (L) and Joey (M) staffing an event in New Braunfels. Source: AAMPO

Commute consultations are the bedrock of the Alamo Commutes program. Commuters can request a consultation via the CARPOOL Hotline, email, social media, and at in-person events.

Alamo Commutes helps commuters to find a carpool match, select the optimal bike route, and navigate transit schedules.

Since January 2019, Alamo Commutes has conducted 30 commute consultations via phone, email and social media. We've also presented at or staffed booths at 29 public and employer events.

Web & App Platform

New Features

The Alamo Commutes website and mobile app have introduced new features this year, to improve members' trip planning, recording options, and rewards choices.

  • Alamo Commutes launched a new and improved web-based trip planner that displays all modes alongside each other so that users can view and analyze their best trip option. The trip planner has also integrated with Commute with Enterprise to display nearby vanpool routes. While this feature is currently available only on the website, it will be available on the Alamo Commutes mobile apps in early 2021.
  • App users are now able to sync to third-party apps to automatically record certain trips. Users that track their bicycle rides or walks through Strava or Under Armour can connect their accounts to Alamo Commutes to automatically record their trips.
  • Monthly drawing winners now have the option to select a $25 gift card from the vendor of their choice. Winners have more than twenty options to pick from including Amazon, Lowe's, Starbucks, and more.
image of Alamo Commutes mobile app
Alamo Commutes can use the new web-based trip planner, featuring improved carpool matching. Source: Alamo Commutes


Alamo Commutes continued to grow, by both membership and emissions reduction standards. From October 2019 to October 2020, Alamo Commutes saw:

  • 151 new members
  • 13,736 total members
  • 112,528 recorded trips
  • 2.5 reduced Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)
  • 1,165 tons reduced CO2
  • 197 parking spots saved per weekday

Commuter Challenges

We've conducted three mode-oriented Commuter Challenges in the past year, improving user participation and increasing recorded trips.

  • In February, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we held the “Meet Your Match” Challenge, encouraging users to find a carpool match.
  • In May, we celebrated time spent at home with our furry friends while telecommuting with the “Paws Your Commute” Challenge.
  • And in September, we hosted the “Bike There Challenge” in lieu of a traditional bike month.
Image of carpooling citizen
"I enjoy the company, the conversation, and the laughter!" - Angela (Carpooler)
Image of telecommuting citizen
"Time spent commuting usually becomes extra sleep." - John (Telecommuter)
Image of cyclist
"I've started riding daily and have lost 20 lbs since the pandemic started!" - Rudy (Cyclist)

As we enter the new year, Alamo Commutes remains committed to our mission of reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality, and better access to multimodal transportation choices.

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