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New Year, New Commute: Your Get to Work Essentials

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by Lily Lowder
January 4, 2021

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Headphones may make your transit commute more enjoyable. Source: Getty Images

Happy New Year! At Alamo Commutes, we think of the new year as a chance to start fresh and rethink your upcoming commute.

Our website provides general tips on specific commute modes, including some of the essential gear (such as a helmet for cyclists or computer for telecommuters). However, this list will highlight the "extra stuff" you might not have thought of that will take your commute from good to great!


Every bicycle commuter should begin their journey with the essentials - a road-ready bicycle, helmet, front/rear lights, and a bike lock. Improve the convenience and comfort of your commute with storage options, rain gear, emergency maintenance supplies and a toiletry kit.

Image of AAMPO staff assisting citizens
Use single or double panniers.
  • Storage Options - Cyclists can choose from a number of options for transporting their work gear including panniers, saddle bags, and backpack. Panniers are typically mounted on your wheels and can carry your every day essentials, including your wallet, work clothes, and more. Saddle bags (situated underneath the bicycle seat) are smaller and ideal for holding maintenance and repair tools. Alternatively, a backpack or messenger bag is a cost-effective and multi-use option for toting your items while keeping your hands free.
  • Rain Gear - Pedal through inclement weather with waterproof gear such as a rain jacket, water-repellant pants, waterproof bags, and fenders to keep water and dirt from spraying off the wheels and onto your clothes.
  • Emergency Maintenance Supplies - Prepare yourself in the event of a blown tire or other emergency. Pack a multitool; it can be used to raise your seat, tighten up a screw, and more. You should also pack a patch kit and extra inner tube with tire lever.
  • Toiletry Kit - Depending on how strenuous your commute is, you may consider packing toiletry supplies such as wet wipes, deoderant, dry shampoo, a comb and other necessities.

Carpool & Transit

The advantage of being a carpool passenger or transit rider is all of the free time to catch up on your favorite podcasts, enjoy your morning coffee, and more.

  • Headphones - Enjoy the opportunity to watch your favorite shows and listen to music with a set of headphones. Just make sure to keep track of your upcoming stop!
  • Stainless Steel Mug - Keep your hot drinks toasty and your cold drinks chilly on your commute with an insulated, stainless-steel mug. But remember, buses don't have cup holders so make sure yours has a convenient handle.
  • Umbrella - Stay dry in inclement weather by carrying a travel-sized umbrella for the walk to and from your bus stop.
  • Portable Battery - If you are using your phone for the bulk of your commute, you may find your battery is quickly drained. Carry a portable battery to keepyour phone charged for the rest of the day.
I've been carpooling for more than twenty years. Over the years, we've added more and more riders. When I'm not behind the wheel, I use my carpool time to read or catch up on emails. - Mary Jane, Carpooler


Working from home can improve your productivity and work-life balance, but this gear can take your telecommute from good to great.

Image of AAMPO staff assisting citizens
Blue light glasses may avert headaches.
  • Wireless Mouse - If you've been spending the past few months telecommuting with a tethered mouse or, even worse, the laptop track pad, you'll enjoy the ease of use with a wireless mouse. And don't forget a mouse pad!
  • Standing Desk - While working from home, you may be missing some of your regular physical activity - the walk to the bus stop, visiting colleagues, or stopping by your favorite lunch spot. A standing desk or standing desk converter can improve your posture and productivity and even burn more calories compared to sedentary work.
  • Blue Light Glasses - While medical professionals are split on the benefits of blue light glasses, if you suffer from screen-induced headaches, they may be a cost-effective solution for on-site and remote workers alike.

If you're trying out a new commute this year, this gear can improve the comfort and convenience of your trip to work. Combined with other essentials, these tips can take your commute from good to great!

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