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Running Out of Gas? Discover a More Fulfilling Commute

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by Lily Lowder
May 31, 2021

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Cyclists enjoying Bike to Work Day at the Alamo Area MPO’s Energizer Station on May 21, 2021.

Whether you normally drive to work or you resumed driving to work after telecommuting for the past year, you may find yourself “running out of gas”. Studies indicate that driving alone to work is more stressful and less satisfying than literally every other commute mode, including by bike or foot, riding transit, carpooling, or working from home. Refuel your tank; discover a more fulfilling commute!

Check out our decision tree to kick off your new commute! Then follow our tips for more information.


1. Evaluate Your Options

If you’re thinking about switching up your commute, here are some questions to consider:

Do you have a vehicle or would you prefer to drive your own vehicle?

Driving in a carpool or vanpool will allow you to keep your own vehicle for off-site meetings at work or personal errands.

Do you live and work in an area with access to transit?

If you do, you can start planning your route on Google Maps or by calling VIA Metropolitan Transit at (210) 362-2020.

If you don’t, you can drive, carpool, bike or walk to a nearby Park & Ride and take the bus from there.

Do you own a bike or do you live near bike share?

If you live close enough and have a safe route to work, you can bike using your personal bicycle or bike share. You could also walk.

Is your job flexible? Can you adjust your hours or work from home?

If none of these options work for you – or if you’d just like to eliminate your commute – you can speak to your supervisor about working from home for all or part of the work week.

If you commute by car during peak hours but your schedule is flexible, speak to your supervisor about coming in earlier or later to avoid traffic.

2. Plan Your Trip

Whatever mode you choose, plan your trip for the best commute possible!


Search for carpool partners on the Alamo Commutes app or website. You can also filter your potential matches by employer, gender, schedule, and more. If you don’t have a car or don’t want to drive, search for “rider only” carpool matches. You can also search for potential vanpools on the Alamo Commutes trip planner.

Public Transit

If you live and work in an area with transit, search potential routes on Google Maps. Make sure to set the departure times for your schedule.

Need a Park & Ride? You can search for locations on the Alamo Commutes trip planner or on the VIA Metropolitan Transit website.

Bike or Walk

If you live far away, try combining biking and walking with another mode like carpool or transit. If you live close to work, take advantage of the proximity!

If you’d like to learn more about bicycle safety, take our Street Skills class. You’ll receive a free bicycle helmet and set of bike lights.

Alternative Scheduling

No route to plan here! But you can learn more about the different types of alternative schedules and how to optimize them for your needs on the Alamo Commutes website.

3. Log Your Trips

Log your smart commutes on the Alamo Commutes app or website to earn rewards and access the Emergency Ride Home.

Fighting traffic and spending money on fuel and vehicle maintenance can be a drain on both your mental health and finances. Refuel your tank with a new commute!

If you’d like to learn more about how to plan a new commute, email Lily Lowder at or call (210) CARPOOL [227-7665].