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Congrats to our Bike Month Challenge Winners!

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by Lily Lowder
June 14, 2021

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Bike Month Challenge Winner, Mitch Keogh, burned more than 10,000 calories biking this month!

Since 2018, the Alamo Area MPO has coordinated National Bike Month programming for the greater San Antonio region. As part of this effort, every year, we recognize and reward bicyclists in the community who have recorded at least one bike ride on Alamo Commutes in May.

Please congratulate this year’s winners – Brian Vance, Eliot Howard, Melody Herrera, Mitch Keogh, and John Sullivan!

Where do you bike to?

image of Brian Vance
Brian logged 6 bike trips in May.

Brian Vance

Right now, I’m working from home so most of my bike riding is in our neighborhood with my kids.

Eliot Howard

I still bike from home to work about once a week – telecommuting the other days. I also will bike to adventure/play spots with my 13- and 7-year-old kids on the local greenway walk & bike trails (love them!). Every once in a while, I will bike to my neighborhood quickie mart or adult beverage.

Mitch Keogh

I enjoy riding for recreation and commuting to work by bike every shift unless it’s really pouring rain.

John Sullivan

I bike to H-E-B, the UPS Store, local restaurants, parks, and City Council meetings.

What do you enjoy about cycling?

image of Eliot Howard
Eliot commutes by bike to UTSA.

Eliot Howard

I enjoy just about everything about biking – the exercise, breeze, sense of freedom of movement, ease and convenience riding door-to-door without having to park a few hundred yards from my office, modeling alternative transportation for other folks on the roads, and spending time having fun with my kids.

Melody Herrera

I enjoy the fresh air and exploring our city park trails. It’s also a good form of exercise for me.

Mitch Keogh

I feel energized and in a great mood once I get to work. I’ve definitely lost weight with commuting by bike. My favorite thing about biking is being able to run errands/complete tasks around town while getting a workout and relieving stress at the same time.

What do you enjoy most about Alamo Commutes?

image of Melody Herrera
Melody enjoys biking to Pearsall Park.

Brian Vance

I enjoy the various deals/rewards available for helping the environment – win/win.

Eliot Howard

I appreciate how Alamo Commutes compiles cumulative regional data to tell the bigger story of alternative transportation in general and biking in particular. I also appreciate the great incentives, raffles, etc.

Melody Herrera

I enjoy the “Me” tab and how it shows how many pounds of emissions were prevented and how many calories I burned. Lastly, I enjoy the opportunities to earn rewards just by making smart transportation choices and logging your trips. The app is very user friendly.

image of John Sullivan
John tracks his bike rides automatically with Strava.

John Sullivan

I enjoy how the Alamo Commutes app integrates with other tracking apps like Strava.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Bike Month this year! Keep logging your bike trips to earn other rewards and prizes.

Responses have been edited for clarity and brevity.