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Fiesta is Back! But how is parking?

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by Eric Cavazos
March 30, 2022

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From March 31 to April 10 San Antonio will be celebrating both its history and culture through popular events like A Night in Old San Antonio and the Battle of Flowers Parade. But there is always the question that springs up amongst family and friends when planning fiestivities: How’s parking?

Here are three ways to party-on this fiesta season without driving alone.


Avoid the hassle of having to meet up and find your friends in the crowd. Travel together! By logging your carpool trip in the Alamo Commutes app, the whole group can earn rewards! Our monthly challenge is extending into the first week of April, so you may even have a chance to win a cash prize! Check out our challenge page for more information.

Park and Ride

Curious about trying the bus? Well now is your chance to beat traffic, avoid parking, and save on gas. Be sure to check out all Park & Ride Locations to find one near your favorite event. And best of all, only having to pay a fare of $2.50 each way means you can buy more chicken-on-a-stick!


The river boat is back in action! Don’t just hop on to take a guided tour, opt for the river shuttle service instead. Enjoy a morning at the Pearl Farmers Market and river boat your way downtown to catch an event in the afternoon. Turn your trip downtown into a sightseeing adventure!

Don’t stress about the drive downtown, there are multiple ways to enjoy getting to and from all your favorite Fiesta events! For more information, don’t hesitate to call 210-CARPOOL (227-7005) and we’ll be happy to help.