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Alamo Commutes November Initiative: “Thank A Commuter”

by Zack Magallanez
November 1, 2023

Every day, millions of individuals across the Alamo Area region embark on their daily commutes. Whether it's by carpool, bike, walk, bus, or vanpool, these select commuters play an integral role in our society, keeping our region moving and our economy thriving. This November, Alamo Commutes is introducing an initiative called "Thank A Commuter" to celebrate and appreciate the contributions of those who choose smart and sustainable commutes.

thank a commuter

The "Thank A Commuter" initiative is a simple, yet powerful, way for residents living in the region to express gratitude to these commuters for their daily efforts. The heart of this initiative is an online community jamboard where anyone can post virtual sticky notes with messages of thanks. It's an opportunity for individuals to acknowledge the unsung heroes who choose alternative modes of transportation and contribute to a healthier and more sustainable region.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, why should I thank a commuter? Commuters, who commute on bicycles, buses, carpools, vanpools, or walk or scoot, make significant contributions to our region in a variety of ways:

  1. Reducing Congestion: Traffic congestion is a major issue in many urban areas, including ours. It leads to wasted time, increased stress, and negative environmental impacts. Thanking commuters who choose public transit or carpooling helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road, alleviating congestion and improving the overall flow of traffic for everyone.
  2. Environmental Benefits: Every time a commuter opts for a bike or chooses public transportation over a personal vehicle, they are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Fewer cars on the road means cleaner air. By thanking these commuters, you acknowledge the impact they have on our environment.
  3. Promoting Active Lifestyles: Commuters who choose to bike or walk to work promote a healthy and active lifestyle. These individuals not only reduce their carbon footprint but also improve their physical and mental well-being. Expressing gratitude to these commuters can encourage more people to adopt active transportation commutes.
  4. Economic Savings: Public transportation, carpooling, biking, and walking are cost-effective alternatives to individual car ownership. Commuters who opt for these modes of transportation save money on fuel, maintenance, and parking fees. By thanking them, you recognize their contributions to the economic well-being of our region.
  5. Building Stronger Communities: Commuters who use alternative modes of transportation often have a stronger sense of their community. They interact with others during their journeys, building social connections, and contributing to the overall cohesion of their neighborhoods. By thanking them, you are recognizing the relationships they have with their neighbors and the trust they have from their community.

By participating in the Alamo Commutes "Thank A Commuter" initiative, you not only show your appreciation for these individuals but also encourage others to consider more sustainable commuting options. Together, we can create a culture of gratitude and recognition for the positive impact that sustainable commuters make in our lives and in our communities.

To get involved in the "Thank A Commuter" initiative, all you need to do is visit the Alamo Commutes website and find the page dedicated to this initiative, there you’ll find the community jamboard. You can leave a heartfelt message of thanks for a cyclist who shares the road with you, a bus rider (or diver) who helps reduce traffic congestion, a carpooler who helps to lower emissions, or anyone else who makes your daily commute more bearable. Your words of appreciation can go a long way in brightening someone's day and reinforcing the importance of sustainable commuting options. We will share these remarks weekly on our social media channels.

This Thanksgiving season, “Thank A Commuter”, and celebrate those individuals who choose alternative transportation modes, making our region more sustainable, eco-friendly, and interconnected. Their smart commute choices impact all of us in a positive and meaningful way.