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Bikeshare Ridership on the Rise

photo of Zack Magallanez

by Zack Magallanez
December 6, 2023

bikeshare station

Been on a San Antonio BCycle lately? I have, and let me tell you, they’re great! They are super easy to undock and start riding. The entire fleet is now electric, which allows you to travel further without the physical demand. Plus, BCycle offers a variety of ride options, making them an economical choice to cruise around town, especially during the holidays when the weather is cooler and the festive decorations are a sight to see.

According to a recent North American Bikeshare and Scootershare Association report, bike share trips increased 34% from 2019 to 2022. That increase is particularly impressive considering the pandemic significantly reduced monthly totals for most of 2020. The article highlights that within the first three months of 2023, bikeshare trips exceeded the number of trips during the same timeframe for each of the previous four years. That’s a remarkable achievement!

As of June 2023, 63 dockless bike share systems serve 51 cities across the nation. This is an increase from a low of 30 systems in 2020 but lower than the peak of 124 systems in 2018. In Texas, bikeshare systems can be found in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. Notably, Austin and Houston recently received millions in federal grant funding to enhance and expand their bikeshare systems. These Investments in bikeshare systems enable cities to better connect consumers to a more comprehensive web of mobility options.

bikeshare bike

Sustainable funding for bikeshare systems across the United States is crucial, especially given the recent data indicating a substantial surge in bike share ridership. The upward trend in interest towards alternative commuting options, especially bikes and e-bikes, underscores the significance of investing in these systems. As more individuals seek eco-friendly and convenient transportation options, bikeshare services play a pivotal role in addressing this growing demand. Moreover, continued funding for bikeshare systems presents a viable solution for cities struggling with high rates of single occupancy vehicle trips (SOVs), which not only add to congested roadways, but also significantly contribute to an alarming rate of harmful emissions. Bexar County is currently designated non-attainment for ozone (smog). By bolstering these systems, cities pave the way for reduced carbon footprints and healthier air quality, thereby fostering more sustainable and livable urban environments.

This holiday season, I encourage you to support your local bikeshare system and consider choosing a BCycle ride next time you’re out. Bike share systems, like San Antonio BCycle, serve as a gateway to sustainable commuting practices, promoting an active lifestyle all while contributing to a healthier you. Additionally, you can spread the joy of sustainable transportation by purchasing an annual BCycle membership for a loved one eager to transform their commuting habits. It's a thoughtful and impactful present that not only supports their well-being but also contributes positively to our community and the environment. You can learn more about San Antonio BCycle options here.