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Multimodal Fiesta Medal

Welcome to the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (AAMPO) and Alamo Commutes fiesta medal website. Our limited edition fiesta medal design showcases multimodal transportation options. Multimodal transportation refers to using a combination of different modes of transportation for commuting and interconnecting modes to maximize travel efficiency. It is increasingly important for cities and counties to plan for multimodal transportation as it represents a key solution to address the challenges of urban congestion, environmental sustainability, equitable access to transportation, and the evolving needs of a growing population. Integrating diverse transportation modes not only enhances mobility but also fosters resilient, vibrant, and inclusive communities, which are essential for the future prosperity and well-being of residents.

carpool tile

The carpool saves all money and fuel while reducing wear and tear for all.

public transit tile

The bus rider relaxes and unwinds while another turns the wheel.

cyclist tile

The cyclist gains health and energy by pedaling to work and play.

pedestrian tile

The pedestrians boost their mood and spare the air by walking to lunch or to learn.

Benefits of a multimodal transportation system in a city or region:

A multimodal transportation system in a city or region integrates various transportation modes and networks to offer diverse options for people to commute and get around. The benefits of such a system are numerous and impactful:

benefits graphic